Who is JKnowTruth?

The Award Winning PROMOTER OF THE YEAR, JKnowTruth has taken the east coast by storm with his innovative, ground-breaking concepts for marketing, promoting and event planning. He is a creative, passionate, and diligent young man who has mastered every entity he engages in. Jervay (“JKnowTruth”) Vanderhorst is a native of Charleston, SC, but grew up in Charlotte, NC.

 JKnowTruth is an individual that believes in taking your destiny into your own hands. He’s a businessman…an entrepreneur—CEO of Street Dreamaz Entertainment (SDE), which made its debut in 2001. SDE is a promotions and marketing company based out of Charlotte, NC. Using creative marketing strategies and promotions, JKnowTruth has helped launch careers for artists such as: 50 Cent, Plies, Floetry, Akon, Young Jeezy, Eve and several other clients.

 Recently blessed with the opportunity to join the Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards team in Las Vegas, NV for the previous 4 years! Also honored to work under the umbrella of the late legendary Dick Clark Productions Super Bowl Weekend for the annual NFL Honors. Other notable events worked include: BET Hip Hop Awards (Miami), Black Girls Rock (New Jersey), BET Awards (Los Angeles), Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards (Los Angeles), Latin Grammy’s (Las Vegas), Latin Billboard Awards (Miami), ESPYS (Los Angeles), BET Honors (D.C.), BET Awards (Los Angeles), BET Hip-Hop Awards (Atlanta), BET Celebration of Gospel (Los Angeles).

 Very versatile, therefore he’s more than a CEO, more than a promoter—he is also an event coordinator/host. He is highly requested because he brings life to any event…naturally. Not only does JKnowTruth host events for others…he created his own. He is the host of One Mic Mondays, an event that gives aspiring artists and entrepreneurs an opportunity to be recognized for their talents.

 JKnowTruth has proven himself to be a jack of all trades. He can host, organize events and promote with ease. If anything of importance is taking place you will hear bystanders buzzing and saying, “ask “J” he “knows” (origination of “JKnow” and he always speaks the “truth”). “Strive to overachieve what is expected of you” is the motto JKnowTruth has followed to become who is… leaving very little room to wonder why he is a champion!

34 comments on “Who is JKnowTruth?

  1. J-Know is the “Ish”– the man you need to know in the Charlotte Region. He is a true grinder and very successful businessman. He is also very humble and down to earth. He sat down with me out of his busy schedule to share his wisdom of the entertainment industry and his advice has helped me greatly. I always tell him that I want to be like him when i grow up. LOL! I wish you and Royal Tee much success, J-know.


  2. JKNOWTRUTH is a phenomenal talent. He has the unique ability to not only capture the essence of marketing and promotions but also set an example of what it means to live out your dream and operate in your gift. He can captivate audiences and launch something simple into something magnificent. His natural gifts and talents have truly made him a force to be reckoned with.

  3. One of the most humble men I have met here in Charlotte, JKnow Truth has worked hard for and deserves the reputation he has earned. I hope to be able to do more work with him in the future. His opinion and guidance is highly seeked and trusted. Thanks for working hard to accumulate the knowledge and connections you have attained, and being man enough to allow the next man to learn from you. May Blessings and Riches rain on you and everything you touch

  4. Jervay is very professional, loving, caring, sweet and kind. He has a heart of gold, and goes above and beyond what is expected.
    Through all his trials and tribulations he has risen above the rim and has a lot to be thankful for. This young man stole my heart over 20 years ago and for that he is my SON.

  5. I pride myself on being a man who works hard, and truly earn everything that I get. With that being said, I don’t know too many people who I can say the same thing about…. except this guy right here! His name holds weight. I’ve seen J Know Truth go above and beyond with the music grind, and at the same time will give the shirt off his back. I salute my NC brother, and wish you nothing but more success! #Truth

  6. Jknow is a very exceptional guy who only pursues greatness. I watched him and his brand grow over the years and I am very inspired by his work ethic and drive to succeed! He is a very honorable man to know

  7. Vay, you are an amazing young man that continues to blossom & grow in what you believe in. Everything you touch is blessed! You are a giver of your time & talent, always willing to do right by others & yourself. Never stop reaching for the sky. Like one of your favorite Auntie always said, the sky is the limit! We are very proud of you!

  8. Man, where do I start. I have known Jervay since I was 13 years old. His love for music is crazy and I admire how JKnow really stuck with his passion and chased his dreams and manifested those dreams to the point where they have not only become a reality but a reality that people respect as a business. Everytime, I come to Jknow for direction, I am pointed in the right direction. Some of us are Underground Kings but Jknow is a King in Charlotte North Carolina and a bright star nationally …

  9. Its been an honor dealing with such a professional, humble hearted, dedicated individual. You are the perfect example of getting the job done and maintaining a balanced attitude. That’s admirable. Continue to press forward and may the doors of blessings continue opening. You certainly deserve it. Always a pleasure doing business with you.

  10. The title ” The Hardest Working Man In Show Business” truly belongs to JKnow Truth. Talented, creative and someone you can depend on to get the job done with excellence. He is about business but he is also about family. Love you and am way proud of you.

  11. This Brorher is one of the most humblest person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and has had the honor of supporting and worked with. It gives me great pleasure to be his friend as well. I myself am a native of Charleston and know the many struggles it took to be successful coming from where we came from. He’s a tru warrior and has proven his strength and talents. His gifts blessed many who’ve had the acqatances of meeting this good Brother. He Truly deserves to be paid homage to and recognized for his many attributes. #Salute Mr JKnow Truth!!!

  12. He is a proven young man with the gift from GOD to be a jack of all trades. He can host, organize events and promote with ease. If anything of importance is taking place you will hear bystanders buzzing and saying get with “J” he can get the word out & bring people together for any cause, no matter what it maybe. He is never paid for the told job he does because above & beyond can never be paid in FULL! I’m Bless to know this young man from birth to his young man hood!

  13. I had the pleasure of working with JKnow Truth during a Toys for Tots event with Pray & Deliverance Tabernacle church and as a seat filler for his production company during the Soul Train awards. He is very professional and an innovator. He has vision and is not afraid to step out on faith to make things happen. Jervay is a people person who’s positive energy makes you look forward to working with him again! When he’s running the show everyone is getting along, having fun with positive vibes all the while getting the job done!

  14. JKnow has put many smiles on my face, one person I have great appreciation for. He has made it possible for me and my family to attend the most incredible events, thank you for the cherished memories.

  15. I’ve been following J for a long time now and noticed nothing but greatness coming out of the kid. So proud! Keep up the good work!! Peace and love to truth and the fam-bam!!!

  16. Jknow Truth…where do I start?? A very intelligent business man..that is also a BUSINESS man!! One of the best, brightest, hard working young men I know. He doesn’t mind giving sound advice, but it’s up to you to take it. He’s a fantastic role model and sets a great example for young men to follow. If he’s on your team..you’re definitely WINNING!!!

  17. Very powerful individual.. speaks on the truth and always willing to spread the knowledge of his path to success!! Great person and my friend. God bless

  18. JknowTruth, a pioneer…a mover…a shaker…a true go getter! You saw your dream…placed your faith in God and never looked back. You continue to make us proud. I speak from a place of your beginning; you were always determined to get the job done! Continue moving mountains, and remember always faith before fame is the formula for success. Love always & forever Aunt Dee Dee

  19. I met jknow a min back (2009-10)when he did onemic ard Charlotte..he was and is professional, honest, direct, down to earth, funny and respectable. He’s a family man well liked and a go getter he had grown allot since then I’m proud to know him..keep keep keeping on the sky’s your limit.

  20. JKnowTruth has always been on point! living in the “KNOW”……knowing how to make things happen! with his kind heart displaying integrity……Congratulations “The Best is Yet to Come” always Letha!

  21. I thank God that I know of you JKnow… I don’t really know you like that yet.. but for the small chances of sitting down just to talk with you. I am thankful of all the stories and wisdom that you’ve brought to my ears and attention. You are REAL. You speak on things where not many people are willing to say/admit.. you are a dolphin. EXTRA—ORDINARY…… I aspire to inspire like how you are as an individual. The grind don’t stop til you are satisfied. Kudos to you on all of your accomplishments you’ve reached so far and I can’t wait to see more to come. You past through those long storms and didn’t let it stop you from pursuing more missions.. people like me look up to people like YOU. May God bless you and your beloveds with MANY more BLESSINGS 🌹

    With respect,
    Sarah Mai Tran

  22. Such a inspiring person and my mentor who has helped me so much🙌 He really deserves every blessing coming his way. He works hard and does so much for the community!

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